Best Political TV Shows To Binge

Dramatic TV shows tap into plenty of interesting real life scenarios, and political TV shows have become more and more popular with the as real world politics get difficult to keep up with.  If you want a break from news shows but still want to keep the drama and intrigue, political TV shows are a great option. There are both classic series and ongoing shows to choose from, and with streaming services available you can binge as much as you like. Here’s a selection of some of the best political drama for you to enjoy.

House of Cards

This Netflix series is the quintessential political drama, following the devious career of Frank Underwood, masterfully portrayed by Kevin Spacey. Underwood narrates his plots and plans to the camera ala Shakespearean monologues, and the story tells of his rise to power to become the President of the United States. An ongoing series, it has several seasons you can burn through to catch up to the latest episodes. It is a dark and deep series that is well worth the watch.

The West Wing

This long-running Aaron Sorkin series set the tone for modern political dramas. The series ran for seven seasons and often drew from real world events and issues. Starring Martin Sheen as President Josiah Bartlet the show includes lots of staffers and side stories that make it a rich drama to watch your way through. It can be found on Netflix if you’re looking for a complete series with great characters.


Another on-going series, Scandal is produced by Hollywood powerhouse Shonda Rhimes. It tells stories from the career of Olivia Pope, a D.C. public relations expert caught up in managing the images and reputations of politicians. Starring Kerry Washington, the show can be quite steamy at times, and features amazing fashion. If you want a show that is more involved with characters than actual politics, you’ll enjoy the human dramas and wild plotlines. Check it out Netflix or Hulu and binge away.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars in this political comedy as vice president Selina Meyer. With a great cast of characters, this show offers a funny take on an ambitious politician foiled by her incompetent staffers and bad planning. Still in production on HBO, the show is a satire of Washington insider politics. If you want to catch up to the laughs you can find episodes on HBO streaming services and for purchase on Amazon.

The Good Wife

This acclaimed series finished up just recently, so it’s perfect for sitting down and burning through episodes. The series tells the story of Alicia Florrick, the wife of a politician that faces the scandal of an extra marital affair. Portrayed wonderfully by Julianna Margulies, Florrick eventually aims for a political career of her own while returning to her old life as a defense attorney. With a mix of legal and political drama, the show does an excellent job of examining tough ethical situations. You can watch it all on CBS All Access, Hulu or Amazon.

Parks & Recreation

Another comedic take on politics, this sitcom focuses on small town local politics. Starring Amy Poehler as a mid-level employee in her town’s parks and recreation department, it is a fun look at the back and forth of political scheming at the city level. The show also features a fun cast including Chris Pratt and Rob Lowe whose sitcom style hijinks are fun and heartwarming. If you need a break from the often bleak view of political dramas, this show hits the spot. All seven seasons are on Hulu and Netflix.

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Best Fantasy Shows to Watch Between Game of Thrones Seasons

HP Productions takes its time crafting its epic fantasy series, Game of Thrones. This leads to long breaks between seasons when fans are hungry for something more. If you need a fix of medieval intrigue, mysterious ladies, and fun special effects, there are lots of great TV shows to fill the void. Between broadcast TV and streaming services, fantasy fans have lots to choose from.

American Gods

Based on the novel by acclaimed author Neil Gaiman, this promises to be one of the best new fantasy shows in 2017. The story follows Shadow and Wednesday (who is actually the Norse god Odin) travelling across American to gather up the old gods. Wednesday wants to face the new American gods like Technology and Media and battle them for dominance. The all-star cast includes Gillian Anderson, Ian McShane, and Kristin Chenoweth, among others.

Iron Fist

Starring Finn Jones – better known to Game of Thrones fans as Loras Tyrell – this series follows the story of an orphaned billionaire trained in a special kind of martial arts. Using his skills he can harness superpowers to help him fight. The character will also join other Marvel Netflix heroes Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones to be comes The Defenders, coming late this year. If you’ve enjoyed to modern fantasy of Netflix and Marvel’s collaboration this will be a welcome addition.

Queen of Shadows

Adapted from the popular fantasy series Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, Queen of Shadows will be a treat for fantasy fans. It is the story of female assassin Celaena Sardothien, who finds herself caught up in a plot to save her world, and is being adapted as an original series for Hulu. Though still being fully developed the popularity of the books is promising for an excellent pilot.

Time after Time

Coming to ABC, this series was also adapted from a book, the 1979 novel of the same name. A historical fiction mash-up, the series will follow historic figure Jack the Ripper, who has stolen a time machine and escaped to the modern age. He is hunted by author H. G. Wells, hoping to stop the criminal and murderer from ruining the future. Though few plot details are available to looks to be a fin fantasy show for 2017.


If you can’t wait for new shows coming up, try diving into one with a season or two to catch up on. Lucifer is an exciting Fox show that follows the Prince of Lies as he helps solve crimes in modern Los Angeles. The intrigue between angels and demons is sexy and fun, even if they can’t have the nudity that HBO can. With a season and a half completed its enough to binge without getting overwhelmed.

The Magicians

This SyFy production tells the stories of a group of students who learn they have secret magic powers. Training at a mysterious academy, the students master their abilities and navigate the dangers of their new lives. Currently, in its second season it is a good fix for those who like magic mixed with mystery.


If it’s royal scandals and affairs that you like the most in Game of Thrones, this show will keep you entertained. Based on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, it has plenty of romance and royal politics. Running on CBS for four seasons now, it also has lots of episodes to tide you over.

Emerald City

A new take on an old classic, this show now airing on NBC has the amazing costumes Game of Thrones fans love. Adapted from The Wizard of Oz, this new version features a Dorothy that is a grown up, and a cop to boot. The dark reimagining of this well-known fantasy world has been generating some good buzz so far.

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Five Main Ways To Speed Your Slow Computer

Working on a slow computer can be very distressful. The machine makes it difficult to open some programs and requires a longer period to complete tasks. It can be particularly disastrous when you have urgent reports to complete for the department or want to reach clients with programs such as Skype that require fast PCs. In this post, we look at several methods that you can employ to speed a slow computer

(i) Scan the computer for viruses and malware

One of the main causes of slow computers is malware. The viruses attack the operating system or programs and replicate very fast occupying all the available space. In other instances, the viruses attack the computer programs and compromise their effectiveness resulting to very slow operations. To address the problem, you need to clean all the viruses using an appropriate antivirus. Make sure to look for an appropriate antivirus such as Norton, Kaspersky, or MacAfee among others to help identify the viruses, clean them, and keep the machine in top performance. Make sure to regularly update the antivirus to keep the computer free from viruses.

(ii) Reinstall/update the operating system

When you use a computer regularly, some files of the operating system can get damaged, deleted, or corrupted. These can slow down a machine or make it impossible to carry some tasks. If you note the operating system is performing sub-optimally, it is a good idea to update it or re-install a new copy altogether. Depending on the operating system, just reach the manufacturer for a new copy or update. Remember that repairing the broken or corrupted files might take some time to fix depending on the operating system.

(iii) Remove the programs you do not need

The programs you have installed on the computer take a lot of space and could compromise its speed. For example, gaming programs and photo editing apps are very big and take a lot of space on the hard drive. By uninstalling these large programs, ample space is released and the memory can be used to run the main operations. Other big files that you should remove include videos and photos. Note that while the applications can easily be re-downloaded, personal photos and videos should be backed up.

(iv) Remove temporary and deleted files from the computer

When you use a computer especially online, every page you visit or download made leaves some items in the cache folder. After some time, this can accumulate and become a lot of unwanted information that should be cleared. Follow the folder from the browser's download link and clear it all the unwanted content to free ample space for a faster PC.

In addition to the cache, the files that are deleted move from location on the document or desktop to the dustbin folder. While you might think that they have already been cleared completely, they are still eating up computer space and making it very slow. Check the recycle bin folder and empty it to be sure that the content has been deleted completely.

(v) Avoid running heavy programs at the same time

If your computer memory is relatively small, running very heavy applications can slow the system down. The apps take a lot of memory and leave the operating system with very little for running various commands. If you are working on a project or other activity that requires some speed, make sure to stop downloads and others that are running in the background.


When you have a slow running PC, making it run faster entails rechecking the programs, clearing viruses and freeing some memory. As opposed to go for a new PC, consider trying the outlined tips and the PC will become as good as new.